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Luxury properties in Apulia

Apulia Luxury Estate offers a variety of charming properties, already renovated or to be restored, to live in or to make income as accommodation facilities.

We also offer customers everything they need, in fact we employ a team of professionals who take care of the various aspects that may concern the purchase of a property, from technicians who follow the customer in any restructuring, to expert consultants in funding provided for by regional regulations, to lawyers specialized in urban planning, to notaries.

Apulia Luxury Estate International

Apulia Luxury Estate is thrilled to announce a new and exciting real estate partnership, connecting agents from the beautiful Puglia region of Italy with a team of real estate agents abroad (Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, etc.). This partnership aims to create a bridge between Puglia and the rest of the world, enabling international buyers to discover and invest in the rich real estate heritage of the region.

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