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Apulia Luxury Estate was born from the collaboration of professionals in the real estate field who share synergies and common objectives. We select both properties that have the charm of time and modern structures with captivating features. In Puglia, in Italy and abroad. Starting from Santa Maria di Leuca up to the Itria valley and beyond Puglia it offers naturalistically different and fascinating landscapes which over the centuries have developed similar but always different housing solutions which have adapted to the needs that the individual territories offered. The farms of lower Salento are similar but not the same as those of upper Salento, the pajare are similar but not the same as the trulli, and so on. Once these structures had rural characteristics, they were the homes of rich feudal lords who had farmhouses on their properties, today many of them, after having remained in a state of abandonment and decay for centuries, have been recovered to become tourist accommodation facilities luxury or simply charming homes for those who have decided to take refuge in nature without giving up the comforts of modern times. Going down into the Salento area of ​​Lecce, the sea reigns supreme and wonderful villas on the sea or with a view of the sea have arisen next to the farms not far from it, where urban planning regulations allow it. The history and culture present in many historic centers of the towns of Puglia and the newfound interest in not considering many of the existing homes as ‘old’ but ‘ancient’ has led to the constant recovery of ancient homes with the characteristic star vaults, barrel, sailing, and the wonderful floors of the past (chianche, cementine, granigliati) and the beautiful gardens and citrus groves inside them.

Not just Puglia. The continuous collaboration with colleagues from other regions of Italy and abroad has led us towards a modification of our “route”, so today we also offer properties for sale that are not in Puglia, but our selection always reflects those criteria of choice we gave ourselves.

We offer for sale a variety of charming properties, already renovated or to be renovated, to be lived in or to be used as accommodation facilities.

We also offer customers everything they need, in fact we make use of a team of professionals who deal with the various aspects that may concern the purchase of a property: from the careful analysis of the urban planning situation, to the technicians who follow the customer in possible restructuring, to consultants expert in financing provided for by regional regulations, to lawyers specialized in urban planning, to notaries.



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Selection and choice of properties
Our main objective is to identify and select properties that have particular characteristics that can represent investment or residence opportunities for our customers. For this reason our search for properties that have these characteristics is continuous and our site is constantly updated. We recommend you visit it often.
Property documentation
For us it is very important to assure the customer that the property he purchases does not reserve any unpleasant surprises. For this reason, the documentation relating to the properties we have for sale is carefully studied by expert technicians and professionals. Our goal is that the customer arrives at the signing of the notarial deed without problems.
A good photographic presentation can make the difference in selling or renting a property. Our goal is to highlight the unique characteristics of each property and create images that arouse emotions and interest in potential buyers or tenants. Contact us for more details and to receive information.
Design and construction
If the customer wants to modify the property he has decided to purchase, our team of expert professionals is ready to provide complete advice and guide the customer along the entire design process up to the final realization and consultancy for interior design , creating photorealistic and engaging renderings.
Mortgage advice
Our team of experienced mortgage advisors will work closely with you to understand your financial situation, goals and preferences. We will help you evaluate the options available and select the mortgage that best suits your needs, offering you objective and professional advice.
Private sales - Off Market
We then treat, in a confidential manner, properties of particular merit and value that are not advertised. These are properties, private residences or accommodation facilities of particular importance, which are offered to a selected number of potential buyers who are required to provide certain privacy guarantees. before receiving more detailed information.


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